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Knights Athletics

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Knights Athletics

Renaissance Academy Charter School

Knights Athletics

Renaissance Academy Charter School

Team News.

Team News

1 year ago @ 2:23PM

Pre-Season/Try-Outs for the 2019-2020 Season


Lady Knights VB will have pre-season, voluntary practices 3:30-5:30pm on the following dates:

  • Title: Volleyball Players - Description: Volleyball Players passing, serving, digging a volleyballWed 8/7, Thur 8/8
  • Mon 8/12, Tue 8/13, Wed 8/14, Thur 8/15
  • Mon 8/19, Tue 8/20, Wed 8/21, Thur 8/22

Thereafter, practices/try-outs will be Mondays-Thursdays, 3:30-5:30pm beginning on Monday, August 26th (on regularly scheduled school days-no practice on half days)


Our Varsity/JV roster will be announced via letters on Thursday, August 29th.  The Varsity and JV squads will be limited to 9 players each.  There may be a few additional players named to the future Lady Knights practice squad*.   Our first match is on the following Tuesday, September 3rd.


Things to remember:

All player candidates must submit permission form before they can practice & physical evaluation form before they can be considered for a position on the team.  (Physical forms are valid for one year from exam date.)  *New This Year - Permission forms can be filled out online.  Visit the RA Athletics Page for more information.


It is imperative that we have players at practices. Your selection to the team will be a direct result of your attendance and performance during practices. There will be cuts, so do your best each and every practice. If, for any reason, a player cannot make practice, it is the player’s responsibility to let Coach Mandia know before the start of that practice. Missing too many practices or being ineligible (due to grades or behavior) may result in removal from the team.   All players must maintain a Grade Point Average (GPA) at or above a 2.0, as well as a 60% or higher in every class.


Please dress appropriately for practices (t-shirt, shorts, non-slip soled sneakers --no spaghetti strap cami’s or low cut tops). Knee pads are recommended, but optional. No jewelry of any kind (except medical alerts) can be worn during warm ups or games.


Uniforms and sports bags will be distributed after roster selection. Each player is responsible for her equipment. Lost or damaged equipment will need to be replaced by the player.


Parents, students are to be picked up on time (5:30 on practice days and 15 minutes after a scheduled game return time).   Students who are repeatedly picked up late will forfeit their place on the team.


We are looking forward to a fun season of learning, growing and playing. If you ever have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to email me at


Title: Lady Knights Volleyball - Description: Lady KnightsVolleyball LogoWarmly,


Holly Mandia, Head Coach

Michael Zinno, Assistant Coach

Team Selection Process

In the selection of athletes who will compete together as a team, decisions are based on many interconnected factors.  Those taken into consideration include:

  • Skills and Athletic Ability:  Consistent effectiveness and efficiency in passing, digging, setting, attacking and blocking.
  • Versatility:  Exhibits a balance between offensive and defensive skills, as well as, the ability to play different positions and with different players on the court.
  • Progressive Improvement:  Positive changes in technique/skills and strategic awareness. (Has the player demonstrated improvement during the preseason/try-out process?)
  • Potential for Development:  Demonstrates awareness of what it takes to succeed and willingness to go outside comfort zone to develop/enhance new skills.
  • Coachability:  How well the player pays attention, listens to coaches, then applies instruction during drills and scrimmages.  Positive attitude when being coached.
  • Unconditional Effort: Demonstrates focused effort (i.e., The player attempts a legal play on every ball or does she simply watch the ball drop if she feels it’s too far away)
  • Readiness/Overall Skill Level:  Can the coaches put this player onto the court in an interscholastic competition match today with a minimum of confusion or play breakdown?

Preseason Attendance – While not necessarily required, attendance at preseason practices is highly recommended.  We will not be going back over skills or lessons previously covered in earlier practices nor re-teaching drill formations.  We truly understand that summer is important family time.  If you are going to be missing some of preseason, be sure that when you do arrive to practices, you are in top physical condition along with having viewed the instructional videos and practiced the skills listed on the link section of this site.  We want you to be ready to do your very best during the try-out period.  Remember, our first match is September 3rd….we need to have a solid squad who are really to compete.  This only leaves 15 practices (including the preseason days) until we have our first match!

New This Season – Junior Varsity (JV)

We have added a Junior Varsity squad for the 2019-2020 season to bridge the gap between middle school and varsity level of play.  Players on the JV squad have the opportunity to hone their skill level and volleyball IQ and even may move up onto the team if space and skill level allows.  There will be separate JV and Varsity matches and some players may be called on to play in both levels.



We will need to supply official scorekeepers during all home matches.  Please consider this as it exposes you to game rules and how the match is played. We will need at least one (two would be better) for each level.  Players who are also able to support their teams as scorekeepers are extremely valued by club and travel teams.  (I just returned from USAV Open Nationals and we had four players who were skilled enough to score the matches.  When we were the work team, it was required!).  We will train you, so no worries.  Please let us know if this might be a good fit for you.
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